Happy Hunger Games

 So last night i finished Mockingjay. It was really, really good. Lets just say i have mixed feelings. I mean the Capitol destroyed Peeta!!!!!, but i love the fashion, the food, the buildings. My favorite tribute would have to be Rue. I cried when i watched that part in the movie. I don’t really cry when i read sad parts in books but, when i want the movie to it I sob like there is no tomorrow. When i watch a movie to the book i read it just seems so real. The tributes dying in the books didn’t really bother me but in the movie, it seemed like it could happen to anybody. I mean the next president could be just like Snow. He could demand that we do the Hunger Games. There is no reason that couldn’t happen anytime in the future. On another note I saw the Sesame Street version of the Hunger Games, they call it the Hungry Games and catching fire, you probably guessed, Catching fur. It is the cutest thing EVER!!!! It is Cookie Monster in a wig, playing the role as Cookieniss Evereats. It is so funny!!!! So I got to go and remember HAPPY HUNGER GAMES AND MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!!!!!!!!!  


A little Bit about Me

so i guess i should start my 1st post by telling you a little bit about myself. i am 12 years old and LOVE fashion (especially Chanel, Betsey Johnson, Blu marine, Alexander McQueen and Bob Mackie plus many more). I love interior designing (Homestyler.com check it out), stretching, drawing, reading books, learning French, listening to music, and more stretching. i am a big foodie, i adore cooking and baking (i make a mean meatloaf). i am a big fan of Hunger Games (currently reading), Harry potter, Percy Jackson (i will go down with this ship), 39 clues (don’t trust him, Amy!!!!) and many more. i love the Sims, the beautiful colour pink (and i mean anything and everything pink from simple pink shoes to pink phone cases to pink ink. i mean i love the colour pink so much that almost everything on my computer is pink. I am a total girly-girl, i love do make-overs (my mum did Mary Kay but then stop. let just say the company wasn’t very nice neither was the international sales the director (she was a little too pushy for my mother) so she gave me all the leftover items, things i couldn’t use like the timewise and all the anti aging product we donated to the local women shelter) curling hair (i want a wand curler really, really bad), painting nails, dressing up (you are never to old to play dress up with your little cousins even if she put it on video), and of course SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you like my blog!!! follow, like and comment. i will take any compliments and criticizes to improve my blog!!!